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Impact Wrestling Teases Chris Jericho’s Debut

Chris Jericho - Undisputed WWF Champion

• Ruthless Aggression Era Veteran Celebrates His Birthday

Ruthless Aggression Era Veteran Deuce aka Sim Snuka (Real name: James Wiley Smith Thomas Reiher Snuka) celebrates his 47th birthday today.

The son of legendary WWF/E Hall of Famer Jimmy “Superfly” Snuka is most famous for winning the WWE Tag Team Championship towards the end of the Ruthless Aggression Era in 2007 as one half of ‘Deuce & Domino’.


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• Impact Wrestling Teases Chris Jericho’s Debut

Chris Jericho has been asked a lot of times if he would consider joining Impact Wrestling and he replied with the affirmative. Jericho’s relations with Impact have been pretty good over the past few months as he helped the company pick their new leadership.

There has been speculation that the IWGP Intercontinental Champion won’t be returning to WWE for a while now, which means that there’s a good chance that Y2J will be appearing on other promotions.

Impact Wrestling has expressed interest in signing Y2J in the past. Recently at an Impact Wrestling taping, fans started chanting “We Want Jericho”, to which the company gave a lot of attention and Josh Mathews noted that ‘anything can happen’ after hearing those chants.

You can check it out below:

Only time will tell if we see Jericho in an Impact Wrestling ring. But one thing is for sure, if Jericho finds something interesting there, he will definitely join the company.

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