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Impact Wrestling Terminates Business Relationship With Jeff Jarrett & GFW, Jarrett’s Recent Incident With Indy Promotion, AJ Styles To Compete In Yet Another “First Time Ever” Match Tonight On SmackDown Live

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Dave Meltzer Comments On Raw Lacking Top Heels After Braun Strowman’s Babyface Turn

Wrestling Observer’s Dave Meltzer addressed Braun Strowman’s babyface turn at TLC 2017 and the lack of Top Heels on Raw after this babyface turn. Below is what he said:

“I thought that the last match at TLC 2017 had a lot of cool twists and turns. I know some people didn’t like it so much because of that. I think that the turning of Braun Strowman, I mean I’m not really so much into that the thing where they shredded him up and everything like that and the garbage thing.

Actually I kind of hate that stuff, but he is turned into babyface obviously, feuding with Kane which hopefully is just a short thing.

The problem is, I guess, it’s tough for opponents because, I don’t know, like if he turns what’s he gonna feud with like? Bray Wyatt?

They feel overloaded on the face side because Lesnar is a face too. Although he could still wrestle Lesnar and it would be kind of a new match-up I suppose down the line. They’re weak on the heel side if you really look at it because if he turns, I mean your top heels is The Miz.

I mean The Miz is a good talker, but he doesn’t have that real main event…uh…. he doesn’t feel like a heel main eventer. He feels like a heel upper mid card guy who is very entertaining on television. And you know the guys they used tonight are the other ones like Bray who… I’ve said enough about Bray in the last couple weeks. Bray needs to change and Miz and Cesaro, especially Cesaro – he is a great wrestler and I’d love to see him pushed as a top guy.

But in their world they have to break up that team because the tag teams have always been kind of positioned as ‘not the top singles guys’. So they got to stop with some new heels if Strowman did turn. And Kane is… you know…. it’s like a stopgap measure. It’s okay for a little while, but that’s not your answer long term.”

Impact Wrestling Terminates Business Relationship With Jeff Jarrett & GFW, Jarrett’s Recent Incident With Indy Promotion

Impact Wrestling announced on Twitter that their business relationship with Jeff Jarrett & GFW has been terminated. Below is what they tweeted:

Speaking of Jarrett, some details are available regarding what happened with him during a recent (RCW) Real Canadian Wrestling indy show. Reports suggest that Jarrett wrestled for 25 minutes in the main event of the show and didn’t appear in a condition to perform.

He worked such a poor match that many fans left before the main event was over. Jarrett was scheduled to appear at another RCW show, but RCW issued the following statement regarding Jarrett:

“JEFF JARRETT will not be appearing at Rise of Legends: War Games tonight in Edmonton.

RCW has the unfortunate news to report that Jeff Jarrett will be not appearing at tonight’s event in Edmonton due to reasons beyond the company’s control as Jeff Jarrett has boarded a plane and left the country on his own accord this morning. Jeff Jarrett did appear last night in Calgary at the RCW event but again has chosen to leave the country due to his own issues.

There will be a special announcement at the start of tonight’s event to explain the situation and details of Jeff Jarrett’s cancellation.”

AJ Styles To Compete In Yet Another “First Time Ever” Match Tonight On SmackDown Live

As seen at TLC 2017, “The Phenomenal” AJ Styles was involved in a “First Time Ever” match when he faced “The Demon King” Finn Balor.

Well, Styles is involved in yet another “first time ever” match on tonight’s SmackDown Live as he faces Sunil Singh of The Singh Brothers ?

Below is what WWE posted about this match:

Sunil Singh attempts to defend Jinder Mahal’s honor against AJ Styles

“WWE Champion Jinder Mahal sent shockwaves through the WWE Universe when he issued a challenge to Raw’s Universal Champion, Brock Lesnar, for a Champion vs. Champion showdown at WWE Survivor Series.

While The Modern Day Maharaja sought to bask in this monumental moment, AJ Styles had other thoughts, calling out the WWE Champion and eventually clobbering him with a Pele kick.

An embarrassed Mahal demanded payback later in the night, declaring that Sunil Singh will step forward to defend his honor against The Phenomenal One, which led to Daniel Bryan making the match.

Will Singh make the WWE Champion proud, or will Styles, just two days removed from a grueling bout with Finn Bálor at WWE TLC, continue to bolster his case for a WWE Championship opportunity?”

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