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“In one weekend, he destroyed respect for our industry” – Former WWE Commentator On Chris Benoit

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• “In one weekend, he destroyed respect for our industry” – Former WWE Commentator On Chris Benoit

It’s been 17 years since Chris Benoit won the World Heavyweight Championship in the main event of WrestleMania XX.

Former WWE Spanish Commentator Hugo Savinovich appeared on the UnSKripted podcast and was asked to comment on the WrestleMania XX moment between Chris Benoit and Eddie Guerrero.

Savinovich, who knew Benoit for 20 years, first said the following about talking about Benoit:

“I will talk about it because I’m your guest and I always respect. I made a rule of not talking about Benoit. He was a friend of mine for over 20 years. I knew his wife when she was with the original prince of darkness, Kevin Sullivan. So, I go back. Way back.

He was a gentleman, but the moment that thing happened, I erased him from my life because I believe that in one weekend, he destroyed not just lives, but he destroyed respect for our industry.”

Savinovich then said the following about the ending of WrestleMania XX:

“So, the moment was beautiful. Do you know why it was beautiful? Because at the moment, it was real. It was two guys that somebody like Eric Bischoff would have said, ‘You will never make me money’, and they proved a lot of people wrong, and they also proved the fact that wrestling is so precious.

When Vince made him smile, that’s all the Crippler needed. Just a smile. Because he wasn’t good at talking, but he could wrestle, and just when he gave that smile, and there was like that teeth, that gap there, that smile, that killing smile, my hair would just stand when I felt that smile.

It was so real, and fans know that it was real. That was not like, ‘Oh, it’s a scripted moment.’ That embrace was the reality of two guys that many people with power in the industry said that they were not main event talent, and boy did they prove them wrong.”

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