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Indy Wrestler Dies After Suffering Head Injury From A Spinebuster At An Unsanctioned Wrestling Event

RIP Rest In Peace

25 Year old indy wrestler William Ogletree died after he suffered a critical head injury after taking a Spine Buster at an unsanctioned wrestling event. Below is what The Oklahoman posted about this:

William Ogletree reportedly was injured Sunday while participating in a maneuver called the “spine buster” during a staged wrestling event, his uncle said. The uncle said that his nephew’s foray into professional wrestling apparently was recent and he was unaware of his nephew’s participation but knew he had an interest in the theatrics of it.

Professional wrestling events are required to be licensed by the Oklahoma State Athletic Commission, and this one was not, said Joe Miller, the commission’s administrator.

A GoFundMe page has been set up for the deceased wrestler and has a goal of $15,000. Below is the description of his GoFundMe page:

“On the night of Sunday August 27th William Ogletree was following his dream of becoming a wrestler by doing his first match, little did he or his family know that his first appearance would end in tragedy. A mistake that could of been avoided had the proper measurements been taken cost him and his family more than anyone expected, a simple mistake has taken the life of a bright and vibrant young man wise beyond his years. These funds will go towards any medical costs the family is going to encounter with this horrible accident.”

$1,638 have been raised as of this writing and you can donate by clicking here.

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