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Very Interesting Idea Regarding Survivor Series Win/Loss Having An Effect On Royal Rumble, Possibility Of Carmella Cashing-In On The Raw Women’s Champion, Samoa Joe Being Labelled Fat & Lazy By Al Snow Years Ago

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WWE Giving 5 PPVs For Free To Past WWE Network Subscribers

In order to get the past WWE Network subscribers back, WWE is offering 3 months of WWE Network for free to them, which includes the following 5 PPV/Network Specials:

NXT TakeOver: War Games

Survivor Series 2017

Clash of Champions 2017 (SmackDown Live exclusive PPV for December)

NXT TakeOver: Philadelphia

Royal Rumble 2017

Very Interesting Idea Regarding Survivor Series Win/Loss Having An Effect On Royal Rumble

During a recent edition of Wrestling Observer Live, Dave Meltzer & Bryan Alvarez discussed a very interesting idea regarding Survivor Series win/loss having an effect on the Royal Rumble match. Below is their discussion:

Meltzer: You know the thing with the Survivor Series, it’s like you’re gonna have all this and then what exactly are the ramifications of all this. Because even like in both, the men’s match in the women’s match, you come out of it and then the only thing that you can do is have guys on your own team screw your own team and then that sets up ramifications where they can feud going forward. And they could do that with Jason Jordan or with Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn.

Alvarez: I just had an idea. So what you’re talking about is correct like why were Braun Strowman and Roman Reigns hanging out as buddies in the ring together. I understand that they’re on the same team, but what’s in it for them if they win.

That’s the main question. If there was something of value then you could say – well these guys normally don’t like each other but this valuable thing is on the line and so that is enough for them to put their differences aside to beat the other brand.

Meltzer: But I don’t buy that brand loyalty especially when guys go back and forth.

Alvarez: How about this? What if they said that the winning brand is guaranteed numbers fifteen through thirty at the Royal Rumble, the losing brand gets one through fifteen. That’s at least something.

Meltzer: That’s really good. I like that. I like that a lot. I think that’s a really cool idea.

Alvarez: Because otherwise it’s wacky to just have Braun Strowman and Roman Reigns with a blood feud, they tried to kill themselves with ambulances and now they’re out there teaming up together to beat up SmackDown for literally no game. There’s no game for them.

Randy Orton’s Wife Comments On Orton Being The Youngest Guy On SmackDown’s Survivor Series Team

13 Time WWE World Heavyweight Champion Randy Orton’s wife, Kim Orton, posted the following on Instagram on her husband being the youngest guy on SmackDown Live’s Survivor Series team:

“This is how I help daddy prepare for #SurvivorSeries #YoungestOnTheBlueSide #WWE #SexiestManOnBothSides #RKO”


This is how I help daddy prepare for #survivorseries #youngestontheblueside #WWE #sexiestmanonbothsides #RKO

A post shared by Kim Orton (@kim.orton01) on

For those who are curious, below are the ages of SmackDown Live’s men’s Survivor Series team members:

Shane McMahon (Age: 47)

John Cena (Age: 40)

Bobby Roode (Age: 40)

Randy Orton (Age: 37)

Shinsuke Nakamura (Age: 37)

Possibility Of Carmella Cashing-In On The Raw Women’s Champion, Samoa Joe Being Labelled Fat & Lazy By Al Snow Years Ago

During a recent edition of “The Brand” podcast, former WWE wrestler Vito LoGrasso discussed the possibility of Carmella cashing-in her Money in the Bank contract on the Raw Women’s Champion Alexa Bliss tonight at Survivor Series 2017. Below is what he said:

“I would like to see Carmella possibly cash-in her Money in the Bank. But she has a choice of champions, so Carmella could switch and hop over to Raw.

But I think if Carmella cashes-in, she should cash-in on the Raw Women’s Championship. A briefcase is a briefcase, there I would take it off Alexa Bliss. And there you got a new fresh girl and there you have a new feud.”

Vito also discussed Samoa Joe’s booking as of late. Below is what he said:

“I’m gonna tell you they dropped the ball on Samoa Joe when he had that Finn Bálor mix up last week. Then they had this team meeting and Joe’s being too too nice and smiling. He should have kept his stone face. When he came out in the match he shoved Finn like there was gonna be some heat.

They did the tagging in and out, when Finn needed to come back he should have dropped off the ring and walked back up the ramp and let him get his a$$ kicked. That’s the way it should have ended. For them to go and get the pin, make everybody happy, then Joe walk off, totally lost his character.

Two weeks in a row he buried himself. I think they’re dropping the ball and you can see Joe went from this unstoppable force to now being vulnerable, emotional. And now he’s like a 50/50 guy where you can almost feel he’s gonna turn babyface.”

OVW Veteran Kenny Bolin then noted how Al Snow labelled Joe as “fat & lazy” years ago:

“Al Snow labeled him as fat and lazy and that’s why he never got in the WWE when we were developing the guys. He got a tryout, Al labeled him as fat and lazy and they wouldn’t give him a shot.

Joe is not a Rock, Stone Cold Steve Austin or an Undertaker, but to me he is definitely one of their top four to five stars they have right now.”

Vito then ended by saying:

“Well, maybe you learn from your mistakes and then you do figure out by the time you’re 30-something years old, I better start hustling or time is gonna pass me by.”

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