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Is AEW Wrestler Teasing A Move To WWE?

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During the 100th episode of AEW Dark, Max Caster’s rap before his match caused a lot of controversy.

During his rap, he mentioned Olympian Simone Biles’ recent mental health issue, the 2006 Duke Lacrosse false rape allegation scandal and PCR test for COVID-19.

Here’s what he said:

“The Acclaimed kicking a$$ for miles, make you claim mental health like Simone Biles. The Sydals gonna pay the cost, I’m gonna treat those bitches like Duke Lacrosse.

The Blondes say they the best, but those dudes are faker than a PCR test. And what’s that smell here in North Carolina? Oh wait, that’s just Julia’s…ooh!”

When AEW got heat from fans on Social Media, they took this Dark episode down, removed Max’s rap from the episode and then re-uploaded it.

AEW President Tony Khan said the following about this situation on Busted Open Radio:

“Max Caster’s rap was terrible. I was not out there in the moment when he did it. It was not during Dynamite, I was out back when Max had said this rap. I had not heard it until last night, truthfully.

In the editing process it should’ve been caught. We deleted the episode and reposted it with that edited out, but it shouldn’t have aired.

I put such tight controls on Dynamite, and this would never have happened there because Max’s raps I’ve always gone over with him there. And frankly, every segment on Dynamite, I don’t write or script any promos, but the bullet points I give.

So in this case it shouldn’t have happened, and what will happen going forward is I’ll be taking over the editing of Dark and Elevation myself. I was already editing Dynamite and Rampage and I do a lot, and now I’ll also be editing Dark and Elevation. It’s unfortunate that it came to that.”

According to a report from Ringsidenews, Caster has been suspended for two months without pay. He will be forced to undergo sensitivity training and must pass.

AEW did the same thing with Sammy Guevara, when his past comments surfaced online, where he was heard saying he wanted to rape Sasha Banks.

Caster has now removed all AEW references from his social media accounts and has unfollowed a lot of AEW wrestlers as well. Also, he has begun liking WWE-related tweets. He also began following the official NXT account on Twitter.

He even put his ring gear for auction on eBay, but later ended the auction.

AEW Max Caster Wrestling Gear Auction eBay

A lot of people think he’s doing all of this to gain attention and stay relevant while he’s off AEW TV, and that’s most likely the case.

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