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“It Backfired” – WWE Hall Of Famer On AEW Airing CM Punk Fight

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On a recent edition of Busted Open Radio, WWE Hall of Famer Bubba Ray Dudley aka Bully Ray spoke about AEW airing the infamous CM Punk – Jack Perry backstage altercation from All In 2024 on Dynamite.

Here’s what Bubba had to say about it:

“It backfired. People in the arena, I don’t care if it was 10 people or 100 people or whatever, people were chanting for CM Punk. I think that they actually make CM Punk look like a sympathetic figure here because Punk said what he said on Helwani’s show, and exactly what he said people saw.

For face value, people are like, ‘Okay, Punk did exactly what he said he did’. Anybody can say whatever they want, there was no reason to air the footage. There was no reason to say the Bucks wanted the footage aired, this guy wanted the footage aired. One person wanted this footage aired.”

Bubba also gave his thoughts on WWE’s newest star who he helped train – Tama Tonga.

Tonga, who is Haku’s son, renowned for his work in NJPW and as a founding member of the Bullet Club, made his debut on WWE SmackDown by joining forces with Solo Sikoa, targeting Jimmy Uso. Despite being new to the WWE scene, Tonga boasts an impressive resume, having made waves in Japan and Mexico, notably with titles like the IWGP Tag Team Championship and the NEVER Openweight Championship.

Adding to his credentials, Tama received training from the legendary ECW/WWF Tag Team The Dudley Boyz at their Team 3D Academy in Kissimmee, Florida.

Bubba, commended Tonga’s training journey, noting he and his brother Tanga Loa had a striking resemblance to the iconic Samoan SWAT Team (WCW) and praising his compelling facial expressions, including his intense ‘Haka’ look.

Here’s what the former 8-time ECW World Tag Team Champion had to say:

“Haku said he also wanted to be involved in their training, so they trained with me and D-Von three days a week at the academy, and then I gave Haku the keys to our school so he could come in on Sundays and work privately with his sons.

I saw a lot in the both of them very, very early on. As a matter of fact, to me, Tama Tonga and Tanga Loa, they were The Usos before The Usos. As far as a Samoan, Polynesian type of team. I saw them as a modern day SST — Samoan SWAT Team.”

According to Bubba, Tama Tonga’s charisma sets him apart, underscoring his potential to shine in WWE.

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