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“It was distasteful” – WWE Hall Of Famer On Randy Orton Saying Eddie Guerrero Is In Hell

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• “It was distasteful” – WWE Hall Of Famer On Randy Orton Saying Eddie Guerrero Is In Hell

During a recent edition of Grilling JR podcast, WWE Hall of Famer Jim Ross talked about Eddie Guerrero’s death being used in the Randy Orton – Rey Mysterio feud before No Way Out 2006.

Orton was a heel and said Eddie is in hell.

Good Ol’ JR thinks that was distasteful and not good heel heat:

“I didn’t like that Eddie thing. ‘Eddie’s in hell.’ I thought it was a reach. It was knee-jerk, it just was distasteful. That’s the wrong kind, that’s go-away heat. Go-away heat.

‘I don’t wanna see this anymore, I don’t wanna hear this anymore.’ Go-away heat is not beneficial for anyone. I thought this was very distasteful in that respect.”

JR noted that he understood why Orton was told to make that comment, but he considered it “a wrong turn in the road”.

JR then said this comment was obviously approved by Vince McMahon:

“Well, it was Vince, obviously. Big decisions like that are blessed by the old man, so I would think that Vince would’ve been the one to make that call.”

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