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“It Was Strange” – Matt Hardy On Bray Wyatt’s Funeral

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On a recent episode of his weekly ‘The Extreme Life of Matt Hardy’ podcast, Matt spoke about the funeral of Bray Wyatt, the son of WWF Legend IRS aka Mike Rotunda, who passed away from a heart attack in his sleep on August 24th 2023.

Here’s what Matt Hardy had to say about the funeral:

“It was tough, it was sad, it was strange, it was weird, my heart is shattered for his family. Some of them spoke and I can’t imagine the grief that they are going through.

It’s just so hard to understand how someone 36 years old dies and someone that you know, and who you assumed was very healthy. He leaves behind four kids, two very young, which is just heartbreaking as well.

I can’t even imagine. It was so crazy to see everybody at this gathering and to get everybody in one room. It’s so sad that we were reunited in those circumstances, it was very weird. But it was an important moment to let him know, to honor and celebrate his life.”

Wyatt caught COVID-19 in February and was written off WWE programming indefinitely. It exacerbated heart issues and things got to a point where doctors recommended him to wear a heart defibrillator.

According to the Wrestling Observer, Wyatt actually started dealing with heart issues in 2021. It was kept secret from almost everyone, but a few people were aware of it.

The expectation was that he’d be back, but COVID-19 made his heart issues worse, leading to his demise unfortunately.

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