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“It was the right decision for him” – Brock Lesnar On Steve Austin Walking Out On WWE

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• “It was the right decision for him” – Brock Lesnar On Steve Austin Walking Out On WWE

During a recent WWE Q&A session, WWE Hall Of Famer “Stone Cold” Steve Austin was asked which Superstar he’d like to face if he came out of retirement.

Austin said Brock Lesnar.

In 2002, Austin vs. Lesnar was scheduled to happen on the June 10th episode of RAW, and it was supposed to be a King Of The Ring qualifying match. Lesnar was booked to win this match.

However, Austin wasn’t happy that WWE was giving away such a big match on free TV without any build up, so he ended up leaving, or as others said, “took his ball and went home”.

Austin said the following about this 20-year-old incident during this Q&A session:

“I disagreed with it. I never like to blow smoke up my a$$, but guys like myself, like Hogan, and a few others, they don’t grow on trees.

So you want to sacrifice what you’ve built up in me? And with no buildup? But that walk out was still total stupidity and hard-headedness on my part.

I should have shown up, and that is my biggest regret in the business of pro wrestling.”

When Lesnar appeared on Austin’s podcast on the WWE Network, Austin cleared it up that he had no problem in losing to Lesnar, but thought the match should’ve been on a PPV with proper build-up.

During Lesnar’s appearance on The Pat McAfee Show, The Beast said the following about Austin not showing up to face him:

“I understand from a business aspect at the time, Steve left and didn’t want to work with me. It was probably the right decision for him at the time.

I don’t hold a grudge against it at all. Business is business. I had a lot of good mentors coming up in the business.”

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