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“It’s a bit ridiculous when they claim today that I wasn’t that good” – CM Punk On WWE

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• “It’s a bit ridiculous when they claim today that I wasn’t that good” – CM Punk On WWE

During a recent interview on Sports1, AEW wrestler CM Punk talked about the quality of WWE shows decreasing over the years.

Punk blamed it on the amount of programming WWE produces. Here’s what he said:

“I think certain people in management just wanted it that way. You have to consider, WWE is a widespread company that serves many business partners.

They do 3 hours of RAW, 2 hours of SmackDown, and now even more on many major channels and platforms – for the USA Network, and the Peacock platform of the NBC group, for FOX, and many others.

I think when you produce so much, the quality inevitably suffers. I noticed that even back then.

I remember one RAW output where I ended up appearing in 8 segments. Incidentally, considering how much they relied on me back then at WWE, it’s a bit ridiculous when they claim today that I wasn’t that good after all. But that’s just the history revisionism that they are practicing now.

At AEW, we try to find a happy medium. Not every star should always be a star at every show, we have numerous main-event-worthy talents who can fill the gaps.”

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• Old School WWF Veteran Celebrates Her Birthday

Old School WWF Veteran Rockin’ Robin (Real name: Robin Smith) celebrates her 57th birthday today.

Robin is the sister of fellow Old School WWF Veteran Sam Houston, the half-sister of WWF Legend Jake “The Snake” Roberts and the daughter of NWA Veteran “Grizzly” Smith.

The latter sexually abused her as a kid, beginning at age 6 or 7.

Rockin’ Robin wrestled for the World Wrestling Federation from November 1987 until she left in 1990, winning the WWF Women’s Championship from Sensational Sherri in 1988, a Title she held till the end of her WWF run.

WWF retired the championship after Robin left and she’s still in possession of the actual belt today, a title she never lost.


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