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“It’s pretty embarrassing” – Randy Orton On What He Did In High School

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• “It’s pretty embarrassing” – Randy Orton On What He Did In High School

During a recent appearance on the Out Of Character podcast, WWE Legend Randy Orton talked about being a Goldberg fan during his teenage years and wanting the Goldberg tattoo.

Below is what Orton said about what happened in the tattoo shop:

“As a wrestling fan in my teenage years in high school, I loved Goldberg, so I actually, my first tattoo, I went into the tattoo shop and I told the guy I wanted the Goldberg tattoo. I swear to god.

Well, so I’m not The Legend Killer, The Viper, you know… I’m 18. I can get some ink now and I want to look tough damn it. So Goldberg’s my guy and I’m an idiot [Laughter].

So you know, the tattoo artist said ‘How about, let’s come up with something that’s just for you’. So okay, that’s a good idea. And so you know, some version, one of this was born. But anyway, I forgot what we were talking about.

I don’t know if I’ve ever told that story before, because it’s pretty embarrassing that I would even… but, yeah, there you go.”

On an episode of RAW in 2003, Orton got the opportunity to wrestle Goldberg in a singles match.

You can watch it below:

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On this day in 2009 Total Nonstop Action! aired another episode of their weekly TV show ‘TNA iMPACT! Wrestling’.

This episode took place at the TNA Impact Zone in Orlando, Florida and featured matches, interviews & storyline segments on the road to the TNA Lockdown 2009 PPV.

Here’s the official card from that night:

1. Sheik Abdul Bashir (Daivari) vs. Suicide

2. Lethal Lockdown Challenge: Samoa Joe vs. Booker T

3. Scott Steiner vs James Storm

4. Awesome Kong vs. Velvet Sky & Madison Rayne

5. First Blood Handicap Match: Mick Foley vs. Motor City Machine Guns

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