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“I’ve never forgotten it” – Ric Flair On How Hulk Hogan Helped Him Financially

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• “I’ve never forgotten it” – Ric Flair On How Hulk Hogan Helped Him Financially

During an episode of his new podcast, Ric Flair revealed that Hulk Hogan is dealing with health issues these days.

Flair then recalled how the Hulkster once helped him financially when his son, Reid Flair (who passed away in 2013), was facing issues.

Here’s what The Nature Boy said:

“I’ve said publicly when my son was going through all of the issues in the hospital, I couldn’t keep up with the rehab bills or the hospital bills because every time I gave [Reid] the responsibility of paying his own insurance, something would lapse like his phone bill. Sometimes you had to teach him how to be responsible.

I called [Hogan] one day and I said, ‘I need $14,000.’ He said, ‘Call this person’ and I had it in an hour.

I’ve never forgotten it.”

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