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James Ellsworth Was Once Planned To Transition Into A Woman & Win The Women’s Title, Austin Aries Reveals How Vince McMahon Praised Him On His First Night

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Austin Aries Reveals How Vince McMahon Praised Him On His First Night

During a recent appearance on “Talk Is Jericho” podcast, former WWE Superstar Austin Aries talked about how Vince McMahon praised him on his first night. Below is his discussion with Old School WWF Legend Chris Jericho:

Aries: It opened a lot of doors for me and also I just learned a ton. And working with Michael Cole and having Vince like literally after my first night tell me – “God damn it! You’re a natural. Nobody’s ever had a debut like that before.”

Jericho: So Vince told you that after the first time?

Aries: Yeah, well you know because I was nervous, more nervous for that first night on 205 then probably any match I’d had in I don’t know how long because I know like.. God! It’s in your ear. Lterally the man is like….. that’s it.

Jericho: And explain how that happens to people that might not know. So when you’re a commentary Vince has given you a little…..

Aries: You have a earpiece and obviously there’s a lot of things that goes on with commentary and a lot of, we call it traffic that’s going on. But the main one and the only one that really matters is Vince in your ear.

He may have or may have not have heard my name before that or knew anything about me. So this was my first chance to make an impression. I knew how important that opportunity was because if you can talk it opens up a lot of doors.

I got done with the first night and I was nervous and I was kind of beating myself up over I should have said this, I should not have said that. I walked back and he was standing there with this big smile on his face – “God damn it! You’re a natural”. Just probably the greatest compliment you could probably get at that point in your career.

Vince has sat in that seat for how long and heard everybody. So for him to come back and keep that kind of praise on me like I didn’t take that lightly. I’ll always hold on to that moment. And Michael too, I learned a lot from him and he was always supportive.

So to get that kind of feedback for something that I was so new at and to get that kind of support, that’s one thing that I’ll take for me as a huge positive and so thankful for that.

James Ellsworth Was Once Planned To Transition Into A Woman & Win The Women’s Title

During a recent edition of Wrestling Sheet Radio, James McKenna noted that Vince McMahon wanted James Ellsworth to transition into a woman, capture the SmackDown Women’s Championship at Royal Rumble 2018 and then go on to WrestleMania 34 to defend the Title against Charlotte Flair:

“The goal was to get to Charlotte vs. Ellsworth at Mania for the Women’s Championship. How they were going to get there is a much wilder tale. We’re talking about as recent as August, these were pretty much plans they had in place. Long story short, it was to make Ellsworth trans.”

Ellsworth was recently released from WWE and below is what ECW Legend Taz had to say about this release:

“James Ellsworth was released from WWE. I think everybody knows that follows the business as fans, wrestling community. I saw that James Ellsworth tweeted something that was funny that’s why I think he’s taking this okay.

He tweeted something like – wait, Carmella and Cass are a couple this whole while. It was very funny whatever he tweeted. So he’s taking this as well as he can.

This is a guy who no one expected him to get to this level. No one believed in him to ever get to WWE. And he got not only to the WWE, he got a massive victory on WWE Champion AJ Styles. He also had a plethora of TV time and pushed and all this jazz.

He helped Carmella get to where she’s getting now as a heel. As a dance partner he helped her, you know what I mean on air, on screen I’m talking about. Because it worked for a good chunk of time. He had a lot of spotlight.

I think he’s gonna be fine. You’re better off James Ellsworth. They made you walk around with a dog collar and all that craziness. You don’t need that crap. It’s just gonna kill anything you had positive for your career.

So I think to him, it’s a good thing and he’s gonna make it work. So…you know…sucks that they released him. You don’t want to see someone get released, but there’s definitely life outside of WWE. And I hope it goes well for James Ellsworth.”

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