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Jeff Jarrett Reveals What Randy Savage Advised Him To Do

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During a recent episode of his weekly ‘My World’ podcast, WWE Hall of Famer Jeff Jarrett spoke about new SmackDown General Manager Nick Aldis, who he remembers from TNA (IMPACT Wrestling), NWA and even Global Force Wrestling.

Double J also revealed that he remembers an old advice WWF Legend ‘The Macho Man’ Randy Savage gave him back in the day, when they both were in WCW.

Here’s what Jarrett had to say about Nick Aldis:

“As far as, I’ll call it Nick’s in-ring career, he had pulled the weight of the NWA for quite a while at this time. And you know, had his ups and downs in Impact and Global Force, the short-lived, never got that sucker off the ground. But I was a huge believer in him there. Timing is everything, is where I’m going with all this. But the old Randy Savage mentality that he told me a number of times in different lessons.

And I’m glad that Randy a lot of times told me, not the same story, but kind of the same thread and mentality over and over and over. And it was just like, his mentality was ‘Stay in the game.’ You don’t always have to be on the field. But be around, be engaged, stay in the game, and you kind of look at the situation. And that’s not that long ago with Aldis. 2018, I’m more thinking about producing and Nick is the NWA Champion.

And then he, again, just stayed around the game. So I want to say publicly, I’m very, very happy for Nick. He looked great in that suit like he always does. I think there’s a lot of upside for both parties. I’ll just say that. Both sides have a lot of upside, and it’ll be one of those things. I’m excited to see where his career goes from here, but very cool.”

Jeff then also talked about the (Pre-AEW) All In 2018 pay-per-view, in which he was in Nick Aldis’ corner for the NWA World Heavyweight Championship match against Cody Rhodes, who ended up winning the title that night.

Here’s what Jarrett said about the event:

“Before that, I think wrestling companies stayed away from holiday weekends, Memorial and Labor Day, and Christmas and Thanksgiving. That’s a different deal. But it’s just, ‘All right, we will plant our flag on the ground on Labor Day weekend.’ Anyway, It was a big deal. And for me to get to be a part of it as a talent in a minor, teeny tiny role, I just thought it was really cool. And when you kind of saw the vibe and the electricity, that’s where my brain went.

Okay, the digital age has arrived because people came to this arena to see this match. It wasn’t, ‘Hey, let’s go watch wrestling,’ that a lot of folks in independent wrestling do now. Let’s go see this match. And I’m not discounting any other thing on the show, but they pay to see that story, no doubt. And it was cool.”

Jeff Jarrett is famous for his two stints with the World Wrestling Federation (1993-1996 & 1997-1999) and his two stints with Ted Turner’s World Championship Wrestling (1996-1997 & 1999-2001), as well as his time in Total Nonstop Action! (2002-2015).

In 2018, Double J was inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame by his former wingman The Roadie (aka The Road Dogg Jesse James). He’s currently working for Tony Khan’s All Elite Wrestling as their AEW’s Director of Business Development, as well as a pro wrestler.

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