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Jeff Jarrett Says Razor Ramon Played A Big Part In Helping WWF Emerge After The Steroid Scandal, Video of Father & Son Being Ejected From Raw

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Jeff Jarrett Says Razor Ramon Played A Big Part In Helping WWF Emerge After The Steroid Scandal

During a recent interview with Brandon ‘Scoop B’ Robinson, WWF Veteran Jeff Jarrett talked about WWE Hall of Famer Razor Ramon playing a big part in helping WWF emerge after the steroid scandal. Below is what he said:

“It was right before the Attitude Era that I came in October of 1993 and as we talked about before we got going WWF was coming out of a down period with the steroid scandal and the Government scandal and we were coming to the Garden I think every other month or every third month also out of Long Island and at Nassau Coliseum in Jersey and the crowds would get a little bit bigger every month.

I got to give credit to that nucleus which was Shawn Michaels, Bret Hart, Diesel, Yokozuna and Razor Ramon was a big, big part of that. He was Razor Ramon, he is Razor Ramon. You know later when he went to WCW with Scott Hall that was still Razor he was still Razor and it goes without saying his athletic ability, his mind for the business and all of that but he knew how to connect. He connected with you as a young man obviously and he connected with literally millions around the world it was a cool time and we had about a we call it in the business being married to one another for about 12 months.”

Video of Father & Son Being Ejected From Raw

As we noted yesterday, some fans were ejected from Raw for playing with beach balls (one of which ended up reaching the ringside area). Below is a video of a father and son being ejected from Raw for the use of a beach ball:

The fan who uploaded the above video noted in description that this father/son duo didn’t bring the beach ball and still got kicked out. John Cena addressed the beach ball situation after Raw went off the air and said the following:

“I’d like to commend you on some brilliant play with a beach ball. There’s a few security guards out there that I’m not too fond of. The reason I want to address those things, for real, is because I love when an audience has fun. And tonight, you guys, no matter what, you wanted to bring out a beach ball, call a security guard an A-hole, rock this place with the wave, and let everyone know Monday Night Raw was coming from the BK!”

You can listen to Cena’s post-Raw promo below:

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