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Jerry Jarrett Returns To Professional Wrestling Business

Jerry Jarrett, who is the founder of CWA, USWA, and TNA is back in the Professional Wrestling business.

Below is what Memphis Wrestling News posted on their Facebook page:


Jerry Jarrett, founder of CWA, USWA and TNA, has announced today that he’s getting back in the wrestling business. “I once stated that I would get back in the wrestling business when hell froze over. I’m feeling a chill in the air.” said Jarrett. He hasn’t revealed the details of his plan other than his attorneys are drawing up the contracts for a new wrestling promotion. Jarrett is obviously listening to public sentiment about wrestling these days being “not worth watching” and that wrestling in the “good ol’ days” was the best there was, stating “If you have wished for wrestling like it was, you will have a chance to tune in.”

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