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Jerry Lawler On Why He Lost His Commentary Role On RAW In 2020

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• Jerry Lawler On Why He Lost His Commentary Role On RAW In 2020

During a recent interview at K & S WrestleFest, WWE Hall Of Famer Jerry Lawler talked about how calling one of Akira Tozawa’s move “Ramen Noodle Moonsault” resulted in him losing his commentary role on RAW in 2020.

Here’s what Lawler said:

“So then one day I’m doing RAW and Tozawa is in the match, right? And Byron Saxton – Tozawa does some kind of (move) and then we’re on live, you gotta remember we’re on live and now Byron says, ‘Oh there it is! The spinning dragon’ something and I’m just thinking, ‘Oh, you made that up’, right?

And so the next thing, he goes to the top of the rope and he flies off and I looked at Byron and I said, ‘Oh look, there’s a ramen noodle moonsault’. What is racist about that?

I thought it was funny. That’s a ridiculous name, right? And all of a sudden, the internet blows up. ‘Oh, King’s a racist’, and even Tozawa, the next week comes back, says, ‘It’s nothing racist. I eat ramen noodles every week’.

But the next week I wasn’t on RAW anymore.”

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• Old School WWF Veteran Celebrates His Birthday

Old School WWF Veteran “Golden Boy” Dan Spivey celebrates his 69th birthday today.

After touring the territories during the early 80s, Spivey joined the World Wrestling Federation in 1985, where he replaced Barry Windham as Mike Rotunda’s Tag Team Partner in The U.S. Express, later dubbed The American Express.

In 1989, he joined Ted Turner’s World Championship Wrestling, where he teamed with Sid Vicious as ‘The Skyscrapers’, a Team that was managed by Teddy Long. When Vicious was injured, “Mean” Mark Callous (now known as The Undertaker) became the second Skyscraper next to Spivey.

In his last major pro-wrestling run, Spivey returned to the WWF in 1995, where Vince McMahon gave him the gimmick of “Waylon Mercy”, a character based on Robert DeNiro’s role in the 1991 movie “Cape Fear”.


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