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Jerry Lawler Reveals Issues He’s Facing After His Stroke

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WWE Hall of Famer Jerry ‘The King’ Lawler had a life-threatening heart attack in 2012 during a Monday Night RAW broadcast.

11 Years later, he was rushed to the hospital in February 2023 after suffering a stroke, after experiencing paralysis before the stroke.

Jerry underwent surgery and was said to make full recovery. However, he underwent another surgery shortly thereafter, causing further health issues. Lawler’s health remains a topic of discussion among fans.

During a recent interview with SK Wrestling, The King shared an update on his overall health. Here’s what Jerry Lawler had to say:

“I’ve had a bunch of different things and I’m still in rehab three times a week, and probably the main thing that’s drawing me back now, that you can probably tell as you hear me talk, my voice is not the same as it was beforehand.

It’s slowly coming back, but it needed to come back a little more before I could make sense with my speech and vocabulary.”

Jerry ‘The King’ Lawler made his professional wrestling debut in 1970 and is still not officially retired yet. His last match to date took place in January 2023 at an Independent show in North Carolina.

In 2007, he was inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame by his close, personal friend, William Shatner (aka Capt. Kirk).

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