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Jesse Ventura Reveals What Cost Him A WWF Title Shot Against Hulk Hogan

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• Jesse Ventura Reveals What Cost Him A WWF Title Shot Against Hulk Hogan

During a recent interview at the Steel City Comic Con, WWF Legend Jesse Ventura revealed that a medical emergency situation cost him a title shot against Hulk Hogan for the WWF Championship.

Here’s what the former Governor of Minnesota had to say:

“I’m a great believer sometimes in fate and destiny, and I think fate and destiny play somewhat a role, for whatever reason that might be.

Like the night before I was to wrestle Hulk Hogan for the World Heavyweight Title in Los Angeles, I ended up in critical condition in the San Diego hospital with massive blood clots from 28 days of flying in a row.

Many times in life when something dastardly happens to you, it leads to something good as a result of it, and I never got my shot at Hogan, but what did I get to do? While I was convalescing, Vince McMahon called me and he said ‘Jesse, I have an idea’. And I said ‘What is it Vince?’. He said ‘We’ve never had a villain on the microphone before, you think you could do color commentating and broadcast matches?’.”

Jesse Ventura actually received several title shots against The Hulkster at untelevised house shows in 1984 & 1985, and while he lost most of them, Jesse also got a few count-out & DQ wins over Hogan, but obviously never succeeded in winning the title.

It’s possible that he was only referring to a televised title match, that indeed never ended up taking place.

Speaking of Jesse, he also revealed how the sport of professional wrestling prepared him for his career in politics.

Here’s what he said:

“Many people have asked me, how did I become Governor? I can assure you, pro wrestling is a phenomenal practice field. I’m serious.

I used to get people so pissed off, they’d pay their hard-earned money to see me. When I run for political office, all I’m asking for is a vote, that’s free. And for them to show up. It worked well.”

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