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Old School Legend Already Gone From GFW (TNA)?

Jim Cornette

On last week’s episode of the weekly GFW/TNA iMPACT Wrestling TV show, Old School NWA/WWF Legend Jim Cornette made his surprise return, when he represented ‘Anthem Wrestling Exhibitions, LLC’, the parent company of GFW Global Force Wrestling (formerly known as TNA Total Nonstop Action) and fired Old School WWF Veteran “Brother Love” Bruce Prichard.

For each and every true Old School Wrestling Fan who ended up watching this segment (most didn’t or watched it after they read he returned), this felt like a breath of fresh air, because let’s keep in mind that GFW/TNA is now short of OLD SCHOOL Wrestling names after Kurt Angle, The Hardy Boyz, Hulk Hogan, Sting, Scott Steiner, Bully Ray, … & many others have left the company within the past few years.

The only true Old School Wrestling names that are still there, “Double J” Jeff Jarrett & Dutch Mantell (aka Zeb Colter) have mostly a behind-the-scenes role and are hardly seen on TV at all.

Yes, the man Cornette fired, Bruce Prichard was a regular TV persona, but wasn’t allowed to appear as his famous Old School character “Brother Love” due to WWE holding the trademark to that gimmick.

So with that being said, James E. Cornette’s surprise return to the company was great and a step into the right direction, but unfortunately it seems like this was a one night only thing, as he stated on a recent Podcast that he did not sign a contract with the company and isn’t a member of the GFW roster.

Jim was contacted directly by Anthem to represent them on TV which lead to last week’s appearance, but later he stated that he has no interest in working full-time for any wrestling promotion right now.

Here’s what Old School Wrestling Legend Les Thatcher told the Wrestling Observer the night after the show:

“I watched Impact last night … Cornette’s back, I can only hope he’s gonna make a lot of changes, but he’s not under contract, so that won’t be the case.”

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