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Jim Cornette Calls AEW Superstar A “Sloppy Ballet Dancing Midget”

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• Jim Cornette Calls AEW Superstar A “Sloppy Ballet Dancing Midget”

Legendary Old School WWF Manager Jim Cornette had a heated Twitter exchange with Jack Evans, after a disagreement about 90s Pro Wrestlers and whether some of them worked stiff & sloppy.

For those of you who do not know Jack Evans, he currently works for Tony Khan’s All Elite Wrestling since 2019, but some fans also remember him from his time in Ring of Honor (2003-2005, 2007-2008) and Total Nonstop Action (2004 & 2011).

As Evans is more of a ‘high spot’ cruiserweight wrestler and Jim Cornette clearly prefers the Old School NWA style of professional wrestling, so them disagreeing about certain things does not come as a surprise to anyone.

You can read their Twitter exchange below:

Jim Cornette:

“Speaking for the generation before BOTH of you, we thought what @JackEvans711 says here is true about stupid, sloppy, stiff 1990’s workers–BUT, Lance made a true observation here, PLUS he’s really BEEN a star, so Jack, shut yer f**kin sensitive piehole when an adult is speaking.”

Jack Evans:

“Cornette, you act like this expert but history doesn’t show that. When ROH was at it’s worst that was you. When developmental was at it’s worst that was you. Smokey mountain is over rated and your bitter wrestlers don’t cuckold your wife anymore.”

Jim Cornette:

“F**k you, you sloppy, ballet dancing midget. You’ve never had more than a favor job & even at 60 I could whip your scrawny a$$. I never booked you in ROH/anywhere else because you’re an embarrassment in the ring, look like complete sh*t & might hurt somebody while doing it. #SH*T”

Cornette then tweeted the following about a video of Jack hurting himself while doing a crazy high-risk move in ROH:

“Here’s an example of noted outlaw goof and professional f**kup @JackEvans711 showing his mastery of the art form of wrestling. Hard to imagine he’s never had a real job with a real wrestling promotion that paid in cash instead of stale hot dog buns and flat Sam’s cola.”

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