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Jim Cornette Praises Yet Another AEW Match

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• Jim Cornette Praises Yet Another AEW Match

Many of you out there will now think there’s an error in the headline, but no, you read that correctly. Old School WWF Manager Jim Cornette actually did praise yet another match from All Elite Wrestling.

After already having some nice words for the recent Bryan Danielson vs. Kenny Omega match, Sting’s recent Tag Team match and the booking of CM Punk’s debut, Jim did a positive review for Britt Baker’s match against Ruby Soho (fka Ruby Riott in WWE) for the AEW Women’s World Championship.

Here’s what Cornette said:

“Obviously, this was not as good as Danielson and Omega, wasn’t as good as the Punk interview, and it wasn’t as good a match as FTR and Sting. He’s an icon or whatever. It was a tough spot to put them in to follow the rest of this show.

And, you know, but it was a good girls match, it wasn’t as good as the other stuff that you know because it’s not gonna be, but not only compared to the girls matches that they were having on AEW for a long time when they started but for most of the girls matches that we’ve seen in the WWE.

This was a higher-level girls match than we’ve been looking at lately.”

Those kind words are actually surprising, considering they’re coming from AEW’s biggest critic by far.

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ECW World Tag Team Championship: The Gangstas (c) defeated The Eliminators

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D-Von Dudley defeated Buh Buh Ray Dudley

ECW World Television Championship: Shane Douglas (c) wrestled Pitbull #2 to a no-contest

Ultimate Jeopardy – ECW World Heavyweight Championship: The Sandman & Tommy Dreamer defeated Stevie Richards & Brian Lee

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