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Jim Cornette Replies To The Fan Who Tried To Enter The AEW Ring

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• Jim Cornette Replies To The Fan Who Tried To Enter The AEW Ring

We recently reported that during Chris Jericho’s entrance at AEW Road Rager, a fan tried to get into the ring but was taken down by security.

Y2J himself even managed to get a punch in, while security were handling the rioting fan. You can watch it below:

That man seems to be a fan of Old School WWF manager Jim Cornette, who is constantly bashing All Elite Wrestling every week, which is probably why that person tweeted the following to Cornette:

“@TheJimCornette @GreatBrianLast, how did you like my #AEW debut? I did this for all of us real wrestling fans, wrestling is no longer a safe space for friends to dance around and play dress up. Reality can hit at anytime, did they think it is going to be f**king playtime forever?”

Cornette replied the following to him:

“Got news for you dipsh*t, the ring is sacred ground for US, and even if you and a lot of others THINK you can kick the sh*t out of the Young Bucks, I would have turned you into a tennis racket popsicle, & you’re lucky someone there didn’t gut you like a fish. And you’re blocked.”

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