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Jim Cornette Responds To A Fan Accusing Him Of Sl-t Shaming AEW’s Chief Legal Officer Over CM Punk’s Firing

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CM Punk got fired from AEW for the backstage incident at All In 2023 and Jim Cornette isn’t happy about it.

While talking about this situation on his podcast, Cornette claimed that AEW’s Senior Vice President and Chief Legal Officer Megha Parekh is behind Punk’s release, not Tony Khan.

Below is what Cornette said:

“Well, so Tony [Khan] finally made a decision, you think? I thought whoever really calls the shots over there is the one that would make a decision this big.

I’m thinking because Megha Parekh over there… she’s been involved in this since the start because she was one of the people that burst into his (CM Punk) locker room along with the buckaroos and their ilk and started the whole goddamn deal a year ago. And we know that Megha is close to the Bucks, not as close as she is to some of the boys.

She’s been the one that was screwing up contracts because she’s in charge of the AEW legal (team), trying to throw stumbling blocks in a way of bringing Punk back with messing around with Ace Steel’s employment and etc.

She’s the one who has been trying to collect evidence for her friends, the buckaroos, all along. And she’s the one who I’m sure had a big hand [in] whatever other appendage she wanted to put in, in wording this so that a jury, when the lawsuit eventually happens, will go, ‘Oh my God. Tony was so scared. Tony was so scared the night that he saw his first fight. It was traumatizing for the boy.'”

A fan then accused Cornette of sl*t shaming Megha and tweeted the following:

“As well as attempting to sl*t shame Megah by implying she sleeps with all the AEW talent, Jim Cornette insisted TK had killed Chicago. Quickly and definitively proved wrong on that one…”

Cornette replied:

“I NEVER said “all” the AEW talent…..”

Another fan tweeted:

“Yes, the smartest thing Jim Cornette could do is to spread lies about the CHIEF LEGAL OFFICER of the Jaguars & AEW.

That’s 100% a smart decision and couldn’t backfire at all.”

Cornette replied the following to this fan:

“If anyone thinks I lied about anybody, they can sue me and we’ll work it out in discovery when everyone’s under oath and telling the truth for once.”

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