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Jim Ross Almost Joined TNA In 2009, Explains Why He Didn’t Sign

Jim Ross

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Old School WWF Veteran Joey Abs (Real name: Jason Arhndt) turns 48 today.

Originally competing under his real name as an enhancement talent on WWF TV between 1994 and 1997, he eventually became a full time WWF roster wrestler in 1999 when he became Joey Abs, a member of ‘The Mean Street Posse’.

Their gimmick was that they were spoiled, rich childhood friends of Vince McMahon’s son Shane McMahon.


• Jim Ross Almost Joined TNA In 2009, Explains Why He Didn’t Sign

During a recent edition of Grillin’ JR podcast, WWE Hall of Famer Jim Ross discussed almost joining TNA Wrestling back in 2009.

Below is what Good Ol’ JR said:

“I’m trying to think. I think it was after that [Memorial Day]. I think it was after this, but I did have a meeting with Dixie [Carter] and her family; actually, her entire family: her brother, her sister-in-law, her mom, her dad, her children, her husband, and me at their ranch in Texas. And they picked me up here in Norman and flew me down in a jet.

The flight was 20 minutes, 2-0, 20 minutes. And I spent the day and most of the evening with ’em, and I found I had a phenomenal, truly Conrad, a phenomenal relationship right off the bat with Bob Carter. I could see myself working for him, but we could never past the hump of ‘If you want me to cook the dinner, I gotta be able to buy the groceries.’

In other words, if my a$$ is on the line for improving ratings and revenue in general, then you gotta let me do that. And if I can’t do that, like I told him, I remember saying clear as day, ‘Bob. What would Jerry Jones do if he hired Bill Parcells, and Parcells didn’t win? He’ll fire his a$$! That’s what I expect you to do to me if I don’t succeed. That’s what you should do. Replace me!’

He kind of liked that. If I’m going to be held solely accountable on how well we do financially, and I’m not able to facilitate all the financial assets that we can lay our hands to make this happen, then you can’t hold me wholly responsible. I want total responsibility, so that was the issue.

I want to come in and say, ‘If I want this guy gone, you’re gone, you’re gone, whatever. It wouldn’t be done that way, but you know what I’m saying. So, but that never got [done] — and they flew me back home that night. I had a great time.

I remember Dixie and I went on a like a four-wheeler deal looking at all the deer. They had raised these trophy deer, so that was good. And look, I still communicate with Dixie to this very day. I like her. I like their family. We’re southern people, Conrad, you know how that goes, man.

In any event, I enjoy the Carters, but they didn’t want to give me total control. And I didn’t want total control of every facet of the business, but I had to have total control over the talents available to me and how I utilize talents who I let go and who I brought in within the parameters of the budget. ‘Oh, there’s not a budget. Maybe we should create that.’ Now, I had some more issues. Like I said, I still talk to Dixie.”

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