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Jim Ross Comments On A Big Possible Title Change At WrestleMania Next Year

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During a recent edition of “The Ross Report” podcast, WWE Hall of Famer Jim Ross and ProWrestling.net’s Jason Powell discussed “The Modern Day Maharaja” Jinder Mahal’s run as the WWE Champion.

JR answered a fan question: Will Jinder Mahal lose the WWE Championship at WrestleMania? Below is what Good Ol’ JR had to say about this:

“Well, major titles will be won and lost at WrestleMania as they always are. I’m just saying whoever the WWE Champion is, there’s a chance, maybe a better than average chance, that he or the Universal Champion will lose their Title at WrestleMania because it has a significant marketing appeal. It’s good for the talent and you can certainly create an issue between the winner of the title and the loser of the title going forward because the loser now has to live with the fact that this son-of-a-bi*ch beat me at WrestleMania.”

JR then asked Powell the following: “You think that maybe we as the wrestling fan community are making too much of the booking of Jinder Mahal as the WWE Champion?”

Below is what Powell said:

“No. I had the same reaction like “Jinder Mahal !” but I thought back to JBL and I was really excited because I kind of had the same reaction then. But they got very creative and they did a lot of fun things with JBL and it really worked. And I was hoping that was going to bring the best out of them creatively.

You’re going to start see Jinder Mahal doing some different things. And I liked the addition of the Singh brothers to the act and I still think there’s more you can do with that dynamic where maybe one of them is a little bit more of a kiss-ass from the other and you just kind of give them their own personalities too.”

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