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Several WWE Wrestlers Want To Leave The Company? WWE Wrestlers Approaching Cody Rhodes To Get Advice On How To Leave The Company

Cody Rhodes

According to Joe Lanza of Voices of Wrestling, several WWE wrestlers want to leave the WWE as they aren’t happy with their position in the company.

Lanza also noted that these WWE wrestler have approached former WWE Superstar and current ROH World Champion Cody Rhodes (who’s currently making good money on the indy scene) to get advice on how to leave the company. Below is what Lanza said:

“Cody doesn’t have any plans on going back to the WWE any time soon. There’s wrestlers in the WWE going to him, getting advice on their own exit plans from the company. I know this for a fact. I can’t give you the names, but there’s wrestlers who go to him for advice on how to leave the company.”

The main reason behind WWE wrestlers wanting to leave for the indies is that some of them can make more money on the indy circuit than they make in WWE. Also, they can build their brand outside and later return to WWE and get paid more & booked better (similar to how the current NXT Champion Drew McIntyre did).

Former two time WWE Cruiserweight Champion Neville asked for his release for the same reason. Another former WWE wrestler that left for the same reason is Austin Aries and he recently noted how he’s making more money on the indy circuit than what he did in WWE:

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