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Jim Ross Denies Rumors of Brock Lesnar’s Proposed Gay Gimmick

About a week back, reports came out that WWE was considering a gay gimmick for Brock Lesnar. This was when he started in WWE back in 2002.

Dave Meltzer of Wrestling Observer reports that Dr. J. Kober Zehner came up with this idea. An excerpt of the pitch to WWE’s lead writers reportedly stated:

“Brock is physically dominant, has impeccable credentials concerning believability, and because he is new and relatively unknown, his character can be crafted easily. His ascension could also raise the scores of other Superstars with whom he feuds. The following possible scenario to increase Brock’s ability to grow the industry is radical. It’s unprecedented and may appear crazy at first. There are risks involved, but if it works, it has Austin/McMahon like potential. The solution: Turn Brock Gay.

Everything else about him stays the same. He’s pushed in a traditional babyface manner. He’s not the stereotypical Billy/Chuck character. He’s Brock. He continues to annihilate people. He’s just gay. It has to be presented as completely real, especially in the beginning.”

WWE Hall of Famer Jim Ross responded to this rumor on his Q&A section on the website and had the following to say: “Another ridiculous tale from the IWC. That one is truly absurd.”

Former WWE creative writer Seth Mates had the following to say:

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