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Jim Ross Explains Why He’ll Never Appear On Dark Side Of The Ring Again

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• Jim Ross Explains Why He’ll Never Appear On Dark Side Of The Ring Again

WWE Hall Of Famer Jim Ross has appeared on many Dark Side Of The Ring episodes to talk about various topics.

However, he doesn’t want to work with them anymore because he thinks the Dark Side team misrepresented him by their editing.

Below is what Good Ol’ JR said on his podcast:

“I have some problems with some Dark Side editing. I thought I was misrepresented a time or two on the edit.

I admire those guys’ entrepreneurial spirit and I think it’s a good purpose, but I think sometimes, they bite into the apple of the dirt and they narrowcast a little bit too much for me.

I’m still going to watch their shows, and I’m not sure I’ll be on any more of them simply because I had such an unfortunate negative afterthought of it.

Those guys are good guys, they mean well but I think the edit was a little bit callous and not well thought out. I hope they continue to do those shows and if they continue, I’ll continue to watch.

They should get better at what they do, we all have to get better.”

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