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Jim Ross Gives His Views On Jon Moxley Bleeding Almost Every Week In AEW At One Point

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On a recent episode of his weekly ‘Grilling JR’ podcast, legendary WWF commentator Jim Ross spoke about the use of blood in professional wrestling and admitted that there’s a right scenario to use it and a wrong one.

Here’s what J.R. had to say:

“It can be used as a shortcut. It can be used to add dramatic effect to a match. But also can be overused. If still used intelligently, timely, logically, I have no problem with it whatsoever.

But if you’re doing it because you can’t think of anything else to do in your match that’s going to captivate the audience, that’s maybe the wrong reason. So I think it’s got to be at the right place, right time scenario.

WWE certainly isn’t. And I don’t think that you know, AEW, uses more blood than WWE, I would say barely. Doesn’t mean it’s better or worse, just means that they use it more often.

But if it’s used correctly in a timely manner, that makes sense that I got no problem with it whatsoever.

And yes, Jon Moxley has kind of got on a roll there where he was getting blood, seemingly getting color every week that he was on television.

Sometimes I can see that being, you know, maybe a little bit overdone, but I don’t remember Jon getting color that it didn’t fit the mood right moment.

And that’s kind of what it’s all about. So I don’t know, I’m not, I’m not anti-blood. I’m just, I’m pro-blood when it’s used on a timely basis, and when it makes sense.”

Jim Ross was a color commentator for the World Wrestling Federation (later WWE) from 1993 until 2013 and is working for Tony Khan’s All Elite Wrestling since 2019.

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