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Jim Ross On What The WWF Did To Keep Mike Tyson Happy In 1998

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• Jim Ross On What The WWF Did To Keep Mike Tyson Happy In 1998

During a recent episode of Jim Ross’ podcast with Conrad Thompson, Good Ol’ JR explained how far the World Wrestling Federation went to keep “Iron” Mike Tyson happy before his legendary appearance as the outside enforcer for the main event of the WWF WrestleMania 14 between WWF Champion Shawn Michaels and “Stone Cold” Steve Austin.

The WWF successfully booking legendary boxer Mike Tyson for the grandest stage of them all in 1998 played a huge role in them taking back the lead in the weekly Monday Night War ratings from WCW again after 83 weeks, thanks to – among other things – the media publicity they got outside of Wrestling, as all the News channels & Sports channels reported and promoted Tyson’s RAW appearance and his WrestleMania role.

Tyson allegedly earned $3.5 million dollars for his WWF run, while Shane McMahon took care of his needs.

Here’s what JR had to say:

“It was a big moment, no doubt, it made a lot of headlines and put Austin in the spotlight he needed to be, very defiant, very anti-corporate stuff.

Vince’s look on his face was brilliant because he had dollar signs in his eyes looking at Tyson and Austin and Tyson being a part of the brand and Austin trying to screw it up.

It was a big night for us. I made sure when I said Austin and Tyson, I didn’t say Tyson and Austin, because I wanted to give our guy Stone Cold the top billing.

Shane McMahon had a lot to do with that, He became Tyson’s concierge, whatever Mike needed.

I think during his time, Tyson wanted a motorcycle, I have no idea why, and Shane bought him a motorcycle.

They tried to appease him, it’s like recruiting a college football player or basketball player.

The WWF tried to take care of Mike at every turn of the road and Mike needed money at that point in time.

The McMahon family took care of him and it worked out. It was a good investment quite frankly because it paid off at the end of the day.”

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