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Jim Ross Recalls The Backstage Reaction For Chris Benoit After WrestleMania 20

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• Jim Ross Recalls The Backstage Reaction For Chris Benoit After WrestleMania 20

On a recent episode of Jim Ross’ weekly podcast “Grillin’ JR”, the legendary WWF announcer discussed the 2004 WrestleMania 20 PPV.

Good Ol’ J.R. talked about the final moments of the show, that saw WWE Champion Eddie Guerrero coming into the ring to congratulate his close personal friend Chris Benoit on winning the World Heavyweight Championship.

Here’s what Jim Ross had to say about that moment and the backstage reaction to it:

“I know it was celebratory as hell when Lawler and I finally got to the back, a lot of tears. Not just from Eddie and Chris, a lot of tears from other guys. They were legitimately emotional and were so thankful that they saw two of their peers have career nights in the world’s most famous arena at the world’s most famous wrestling event and they were just glad they were there to witness it.

That’s the brotherhood that’s sometimes overlooked in this business and it shouldn’t be. Everybody was happy, I can recall that the post-WrestleMania party was very festive, everybody was happy. I’m privileged to be a part of that day. It really means something to me to this very day all these years later.

The guys on the roster and a lot of us that were close to Vince kept encouraging him that we’re travelling in the right direction, these two guys would be great representatives and would ensure every time they’re in the ring they’re going to put on the best match or solid at worst. I just think it took a little bit of gentle persuasion. It took him a little bit of time, breaking old habits, breaking the mold.

He saw that those two guys’ peers were very supportive of them and I think Hunter and Shawn looked at potential opponents going forward, how good does it get? You got Eddie and Benoit that you could be booked with. That was another reason, everyone wanted to work for Benoit or Eddie, why wouldn’t you?

I think it took Vince McMahon a little while but it soon became evident and they had such overwhelming support from the locker room that it could not be ignored.”

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