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Jim Ross Says Current WWE Star Is One Of The Top 5 Wrestlers In The World

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• Jim Ross Says Current WWE Star Is One Of The Top 5 Wrestlers In The World

While speaking on Grilling JR, AEW commentator Jim Ross praised former WWE Champion Daniel Bryan.

While comparing Bryan to The Miz, he said:

“Look at the background, look at their journeys. What route did Miz take to get to his destination, and compare that to Daniel Bryan to get to the same destination. I don’t think Daniel Bryan totally respected Miz in the early going because of Miz’s journey. Let’s be honest about it – the greatest goal Miz could have is to be as good, or as close to good, as Daniel Bryan in the ring. That could go for 99% of the roster.”

He then brought up the heated conversation between Bryan and Miz on Talking Smack a couple of years ago.

“It was real and that’s the thing that made it work. I didn’t believe these two cats were bullsh*tting me. I didn’t believe they were doing a wrestling promo; I felt like they were talking realistically and honestly to me. And they were bearing their soul.

It was obvious that once Daniel Bryan got the chance to play, he could play as big and as impressively as anybody that’s ever laced boots. Miz and Daniel Bryan might have had different philosophies. I don’t know what was real, but I do know Miz got better every time he was around Daniel Bryan. I think working with Daniel Bryan was one of the great things for Miz’s career to improve his game and level of intensity.

If you tell great stories, there’s no time limit on them. A great story arc has no definitive time restraints. As long as it’s good and you’re adding a new element and keeping it plausible, time limits and a short attention span can be completely x’d out of the equation. 8 years off and on [they’ve been feuding]. It’s because it always stayed fresh, it was believable, and the two guys performed their a$$es off.”

In the end, he said the following about Bryan.

“He’s as good as there is. Everyone’s got their opinion – I’ll give you mine here. I think [Daniel Bryan] is one of the best top 4 or 5 guys in the world. I’m a big fan of Daniel Bryan.”

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