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Jinder Mahal vs. Kevin Owens For The WWE Championship Announced For WWE Live Event In India, Former WWE Wrestler Talks About How WWE Could’ve Booked A Double Turn At Hell In A Cell 2017, Lex Luger Career Highlights

Jinder Mahal Maharaja

– WWE Champion “The Modern Day Maharaja” Jinder Mahal is currently in India to promote two WWE Live Events in the country on December 8th & 9th. WWE aired a live interview of Jinder on their Facebook page and he noted that he’ll defend his WWE Championship against Kevin Owens at the WWE Live Events in India in December.

The main event of these events is going to be “The Big Dog” Roman Reigns taking on “The Monster Among Men” Braun Strowman. WWE last visited India back in January 2016 and Reigns headlined those events as the WWE World Heavyweight Champion. You can watch Reigns’ match against The Big Show from WWE Live Event in India from January 2016 below:

– During a recent edition of “The Brand” podcast, Vince Russo and former WWE wrestler “Big” Vito LoGrosso discussed Hell in a Cell 2017 PPV and how WWE could’ve booked a double turn at the show. Below are the highlights:

Russo: Alright bro, what did you think about Roode and Ziggler?

Vito: I really didn’t. I wasn’t into the match. I did not dig it. I think they’re trying to push Bobby Roode. They shouldn’t. If you’re gonna beat Ziggler, beat Ziggler. Run out of the ring, do your glorious and be happy. But to give Ziggler back his heat after he beat him, what was the purpose of that if they’ve been doing for weeks that Ziggler hates the business, doesn’t know what he wants to do?

I understand you want to be a heel. Are you pushing him to be a monster heel or you pushing him just to have a little program at room? So it was kind of wishy-washy on what they were going to do because here is Roode trying to get over on a pay-per-view, trying to build his character.

And then you have Ziggler who is a former World Champion. He’s kind of in flux. So you don’t know which way they’re gonna go with him. Getting the victory and then the people forgot the victory. What do they remember? They remember Ziggler getting the heat. So I think it was kind of a flat waste of a match. They could have done a better finish than that.

Russo: Yeah and not only that bro, they’re remembering Ziggler getting the heat, but I thought it was much more clever that Roode, who is perceived as the babyface, had screwed Ziggler by holding the tights.

I thought that would have been a hell of a lot more interesting than Ziggler getting his heat back. The fact that the heel got screwed, I thought that was a lot more interesting than giving Ziggler his heat back.

Vito: I understand the finish that you’re saying. And you know what? That would have been the perfect swerve and perfect finish. Bobby Roode to turn heel and make Ziggler a babyface and then they could have had a program like that and gave Roode the rub with Ziggler and then if you had Roode beat him at the end, you would have got more bang for your buck on that kind of finish.

– Below is a video of Lex Luger’s career highlights:

Lex Luger Career Highlights by WWFOldSchool

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