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John Cena Comments On Reunion With The Rock On SmackDown

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The Rock returned to WWE TV after 4 years last night on SmackDown!

Pat McAfee returned to kick off last night’s SmackDown. Austin Theory interrupted him and he wasn’t happy to see McAfee back. For those who don’t remember, McAfee beat Theory at WrestleMania 38. After a few minutes of back and forth trash talk, The Rock came out! This was The Rock’s first appearance in WWE in 4 years! You can watch it below:

Theory asked Rock if he knows whose ring he’s in and Rock told him to shut his b*tch a$$ up! Rock said Theory doesn’t know how this works and then removed his jacket, and said finally he’s come back to Denver! Theory then said finally the people get to see Rock and ‘Austin’ back in the ring, but it’s not the old, boring Stone Cold.

The Rock then said “The Rock says” and Theory cut him off by saying it’s doesn’t matter what The Rock says. The Rock then said it actually matters. Rock then said if Stone Cold was here, he’d ask the fans to give him a Hell Yeah if they want him to beat this jabroni’s a$$. Rock then got the fans to chant “you are an a$$hole” at Theory. Theory got mad and shouted at the fans to shut up.

The Rock said he has a theory of his own and he’s going to beat Theory’s a$$ in 3 seconds for running down the people. Theory then attacked Rock, but Rock fired back with a few shots and a Spine Buster, followed by the most electrifying move in all of entertainment – The People’s Elbow!

Rock then told McAfee to hit a People’s Elbow as well and he did it!

Later in a backstage segment, Rock thanked McAfee and then reunited with his former 2-time WrestleMania main event opponent, John Cena. Rock and Cena shook hands and hugged. You can watch it below:

This morning, Cena tweeted the following about his reunion with his fellow Hollywood Superstar:

“The best nights are the ones when we remember we’re all fans. Welcome home, Rock. Thank you, Denver. C U next week.”

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