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John Cena Reveals What He Told Roman Reigns After Leukemia Announcement

John Cena - Doctor of Thuganomics

• On This Day In Pro Wrestling History (December 9, 2017) – Old School WWF/WCW Veteran Passed Away

On this day in 2017, we lost Old School WWF/WCW Veteran “The Z-Man” Tom Zenk at the age of 59 due to arterial sclerosis and cardiomegaly.

In the fall of 1986 he joined the World Wrestling Federation with his tag team partner Rick Martel as ‘The Can-Am Connection’, but the team didn’t last long as Tom left the promotion in the summer of 1987.

After touring Japan (AJPW) and returning to Verne Gagne’s AWA, Zenk joined Ted Turner’s World Championship Wrestling in September of 1989 and he wrestled for the promotion until they let him go in 1994.


• John Cena Reveals What He Told Roman Reigns After Leukemia Announcement

During a recent interview with Chris Van Vliet, 16 time WWE World Heavyweight Champion John Cena revealed what he told “The Big Dog” Roman Reigns after Reigns made his Leukemia announcement on RAW.

Below is what Cena said:

“I texted him the day of the announcement just letting him know that he is in really good hands. He is part of a very exclusive fraternity. We all love him for what he’s done. We all respect the fact that he is taking care of his health which is first and foremost. I told him if he needs anything he knows where to find me.

I know Joe. I know Joe’s a tough SOB. I don’t ever expect ‘Hey man, I need this’.

I don’t ever expect to get that text, but if I do I think we have a mutual understanding that he knows it’s as good as done.”

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