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John Cena Sr. Explains Why Braun Strowman & Dolph Ziggler Didn’t Become Mega Stars In WWE

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• John Cena Sr. Explains Why Braun Strowman & Dolph Ziggler Didn’t Become Mega Stars In WWE

During a recent interview with Boston Wrestling, John Cena Sr. (father of WWE Legend John Cena) discussed Drew McIntyre losing the WWE Championship.

He said Drew’s spot of beating Brock Lesnar at WrestleMania could’ve gone to Braun Strowman, but WWE ruined him by putting him in comedy segments:

“Look, they made their mistake with Braun Strowman. There’s another man that could have squashed him [Brock Lesnar] in one second with one hand. They built this man up and they went [mimics puffing smoke out of his hand]…made a joke out of him. Look, I’ll call it like I see it, like me or not.”

Cena Sr. then talked about Dolph Ziggler, and why his outside projects held him back in WWE:

“Look, let’s take Dolph Ziggler. Why won’t I put all my eggs in one basket with Dolph Ziggler? I think the world of that human being, great professional athlete, but he can’t make up his mind. Am I gonna stay? Am I gonna go? Am I gonna do comedy? You can’t do that.

Either you live the life you’re in and accept it and wanna progress forward, or you put yourself in a position where management says, ‘Look, I’ve offered you prime rib and a Cadillac, and you’re not sure. You might want a Jaguar. Hold on, brother, where are you heading with me?”

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June 15, 1962 – November 1, 2012

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