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John Cena vs. Roman Reigns Rematch Announced, Taz Points Out A “Huge Mistake” On This Week’s NXT

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Taz Points Out A “Huge Mistake” On This Week’s NXT

During a recent edition of “The Taz Show” podcast, ECW Legend Taz pointed what he thinks was a huge mistake on this week’s episode of NXT. Below is what he said:

“So I saw my man Lars Sullivan. I just love Lars Sullivan. I’m a big fan of Lars. I think Lars has a huge future ahead of him. His body looks great. Looks a lot more muscular, ultra athletic for a guy that’s as big as he is. He’s got to be somewhere. Lars Sullivan is money.

He wrestled Raul Mendoza and so what happens is because they’re doing this big match this Saturday, Ohno comes out. Ohno comes out, gets in Lars’ face and all the stuff because that’s where they’re going to Saturday. They’re gonna have a match. So Kassius Ohno comes out to get in the face of Lars and they have like a stare down for a second. No physicality which was smart.

And then had Lars just laugh in his face and leave the ring and that’s good booking. You leave the babyface there in the middle of the ring to walk off the bad guy and the bad guy is smirking like I’m gonna get you another day and my day is coming this Saturday at TakeOver: War Games. And the announcers Mauro handled that properly.

But Mauro said this – “Well, they’ll get their hands on each other or you know Kassius Ohno will get his hands on Lars a week from this Saturday at TakeOver, Houston.” “A week from this Saturday”, he said. This is what happens. Mauro says the wrong day when this shows gonna happen. This is the go home, the NXT go home for the TakeOver on WWE Network. This is the go home and he messes that up.

Now, it might not be Mauro’s fault. That’s all I want to let you people know. That’s a massive mistake. That’s a massive mistake that fell through the cracks. You can’t let something like that fall through the cracks. Well how does it fall through the cracks? Folks, there’s a lot of layers and it’s hard for it to fall through the cracks. You know why? That show wasn’t live. If it’s live and you make that mistake, it’s human error, I’ve done it, it happens, no big deal.

A post-produced show like that is, you can’t let that fall through the cracks. Whoever’s producing the announcers, no matter if it’s Triple H or Michael Cole or whoever is doing that, it got passed whoever’s producing them that’s number one when it was live to tape when Mauro did it.

Then it got passed which is even worse who does the audio editing and proofs the show before it goes out in production. Whoever that may be. That’s a problem and that doesn’t happen a lot with WWE, at least the WWE that I worked for.

I was shocked. I watched it, I stopped it. And I’m like – Wait a minute. I literally had this pause and make sure I heard it right and I backed it twice. Listened to it twice. And if you people want to hear it, 20:47 is your time stamp.

How does this happen? I’ll tell you. Mauro’s not a dumb guy. He’s a smart guy and he’s been around the block as a broadcaster and a radio guy. He knows what he’s doing. It’s very easy to make the mistake he made. I have done a ton of professional wrestling commentary post-produced in my career.

Meaning a lot of times when you tape several weeks of TV or a couple of weeks of TV in one sitting while you’re ringside, so you could get confused or make a mistake or something like that. Definitely that can happen. Most of the stuff that I’ve done like that where it was bulk tapings and where you can mess up as an announcer in TNA. So we would call a lot of it live to tape, but then we had to go into the studio and do what they call pickup lines or wild lines.

And we would have to because if stuff didn’t make sense or they changed the storyline for this week for the previous week, the commentary had a match. There’s people who proof the audio and video in production. That’s how it works. That’s why this fell through the cracks and it shouldn’t. This shouldn’t happen. There’s a lot of layers in those cracks, not just who’s producing the announcers.

Maybe when they shot this segment with Kassius Ohno coming into the ring after Lars just beat Mendoza, maybe that spot they did there was supposed to be two weeks from the pay-per-view. It might have been. And something obviously changed and they pushed it back a week. You gotta fix the commentary.”

John Cena vs. Roman Reigns Rematch Announced

At the December 26th WWE Live Event in Madison Square Garden, 16 time WWE World Heavyweight Champion John Cena was scheduled to face Samoa Joe. However, that match is no longer going to take place.

Instead of this match, WWE has announced a No Mercy 2017 rematch between Cena and “The Big Dog” Roman Reigns. As we all know, Reigns defeated Cena in their first ever encounter two months back.

You can watch the highlights from their No Mercy match below:

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