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JR Refuses To Endorse Benoit For HOF

WWE Hall of Famer Jim Ross

Jim Ross

In his latest blog entry, WWE Hall of Famer Jim Ross discusses Steve Austin-Triple H Podcast on WWE Network, Hall of Fame queries for Chris Benoit, Main Event for Fast Lane & more. Here are the highlights:

Will Chris Benoit be inducted into the Hall Of Fame ?

The annual Chris Benoit into the WWE Hall of Fame topic has reared it’s head again and will likely linger until after the WWE HOF event the night before WrestleManai 31. I do not endorse Chris, who I hired and had immense respect for until the final days of his life when he murdered his family and then committed suicide. Knowing Chris as I did I feel that he would NOT want to be enshrined into the WWE HOF because of the backlash that it would create and because the story would not be about Chris’s stellar career but instead about the infamous murder/suicide. The entire matter is still a gut wrencher including me representing the WWE at Nancy and Daniel’s funeral services which was a task that was SO hard for me to attend on a personal level. In my opinion, one cannot separate the career of an overachieving athlete from the fact that he murdered his family and then took his own life and no matter the alleged motive.

Thoughts on Austin-Triple H Podcast

Enjoyed the Austin-HHH podcast Monday night after RAW on the WWE Network and look forward to more programs such as this as they are somewhat easy to produce and more cost efficient than many other original programming concepts. For me the long term key to the Network are the PPV’s and Original Programming. The ideas for original programming are seemingly endless. Both Austin and Triple H were straight forward and once they got on a roll it created some interesting content. I could have easily listened to another hour.

Thoughts on the main event & possible Heel turn at Fast Lane

I liked the tweak in the booking as it relates to the the Fast Lane PPV in a few weeks in Memphis as it gets Daniel Bryan back involved, provides multiple ways to go and even potentially positions Reigns as the villain against fan favorite Lesnar. As I said when many fans were knocking themselves out with their uncontrollable knee jerks, the weekly TV between now and WM31 could and should be good programming. I see that happening if the stories are kept simple and not over thought.

How to book Cena-Rusev feud

One way to create equity in the US Title is to have John Cena win it, hold it for an extended length of time and bring the luster back to the long time title. OR….have Rusev stay unbeaten including WM31. How hot would Rusev be if he stayed unpinned and submission free until WM32?

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