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“Jungle Boy is an ignorant young boy who doesn’t understand this industry” – WWE Hall Of Famer On Jack Perry / CM Punk Fight

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“Jungle Boy” Jack Perry took a shot at CM Punk during his FTW Championship match against HOOK on the AEW All In Zero Hour.

He told Punk to “go cry a river” after showing him real glass on his Limousine, as Punk had stopped Perry from using real glass in a segment he was going to tape on Collision a few months ago.

Speaking on Busted Open Radio, WWE Hall Of Famer Bubba Ray Dudley criticized Perry for his actions at All In and stated that he would’ve been beaten down backstage if he did something like that back in the day.

“Jungle Boy is an ignorant young boy who doesn’t understand this industry. He doesn’t know better. He’s a young, brash kid who doesn’t know better. He needs to be sat down by a veteran like a Taz, like a J.R., like a Billy Gunn, one of those guys, and made to understand and educate him as to why you don’t say those things on camera for a multitude of reasons.

He doesn’t know any better. He’s flexing when he shouldn’t be flexing, and flexing for no reason. Back in the day, there was a way to handle young boys like Jack Perry. Some of those ways still apply. And I’m not talking about beating the sh*t out of him, but back in the day, that’s what would have happened.”

Dudley went on to suggest that AEW President Tony Khan should’ve spoken to both Punk and Perry after the show.

“Tony could not take all of his attention away from producing the opening of one of the biggest wrestling shows in history to go talk to young boy schmuck face Jack Perry about saying stupid sh*t and getting into an altercation with Punk. After it was over, absolutely, Tony Khan should’ve spoke to both of them.”

Perry and Punk are currently suspended by AEW as the company is investigating the incident.

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