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Kane Explains Why He Enjoyed Losing The WWF Title Just One Night After Winning It


During a recent appearance on The Ross Report, WWF Legend Kane talked about the highlight of his Pro Wrestling Career, facing Stone Cold Steve Austin & more. Below are the highlights:

On what was the highlight of his Pro Wrestling career:

“Actually, winning my first world championship in the First Blood match at King Of The Ring 1998, of course, that was overshadowed by the Hell In A Cell match between Taker and Mick Foley, but that was my first world championship and it was against Austin. And the thing is, when people ask me the highlight of my pro wrestling career, despite the fact that it was so early, that was it because Austin was well on his trajectory to be one of the three biggest stars of all time.

To me it’s Austin, Hulk Hogan, and The Rock. And he was taking off and I was right there. The thing about Austin was you didn’t have to do anything because Steve was so over. He was so popular it didn’t matter. Everyone was just waiting for The Stunner, and then for Steve to jump up on the ring post and turnbuckle, and drink some beer. And that was it. It made it so easy that it was just tremendous.”

Kane vs. Steve Austin. King Of The Ring. 1998. by wwffan2

On why it was exciting to lose the WWF Title just one night after winning it:

“I lost the WWF Title the next night in Cleveland and I will never forget the atmosphere at what was then the Gund Arena in Cleveland, Ohio. You want to talk about electric, the excitement was tangible. I’d never been in front of a crowd like that.

So as exciting as it was to win the World Championship, it was even more exciting to lose it the next day because you realize you’re in the middle or a part of something so special and so amazing, which is what that was. And that segment, up until that time, was the highest rated segment on RAW ever and from there, the show just went straight up, and, of course, Austin went straight up too.”

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