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Bad News For Kane Fans


• On This Day In Pro Wrestling History (July 20, 1998) – Two Title Changes On WCW Monday Nitro

On this day in Pro Wrestling history on July 20, 1998, WCW Monday Nitro aired from the E-Center in Salt Lake City, Utah.

Two Titles changes took on the show: The team of Scott Hall & The Giant defeated the team of Sting & Kevin Nash to become the new WCW World Tag Team Champions and Bret Hart defeated DDP in the main event of the show to win the vacant WCW United States Heavyweight Championship.

Below are the results from the show:

– Stevie Ray def. Johnny Boone

– Steve McMichael def. Sick Boy

– Yuji Nagata def. Perry Saturn

WCW World Tag Team Championship Match: Scott Hall & The Giant def. Sting & Kevin Nash (c) to win the Titles

– Masa Chono & The Great Muta def. Alex Wright & Disco Inferno

– Ultimo Dragon def. Tokyo Magnum

– Scott Norton def. Jim Powers

– Konnan def. Eddy Guerrero via DQ

– Curt Hennig def. Lex Luger

WCW United States Heavyweight Championship Match: Bret Hart def. DDP to win the Title.

You can watch the Tag Team Titles change hands below:

You can watch Bret Hart’s WCW US Heavyweight Title win below:

• Kane’s Extreme Rules 2018 Match Could Turn Out To Be The Final Match Of His Wrestling Career

Kane was supposed to fight alongside Daniel Bryan at Extreme Rules 2018 this past Sunday for the SmackDown Tag Team Championship against the Bludgeon Brothers. He couldn’t fight much in the match due to an injury he suffered. The Bludgeon Brothers attacked him in a backstage segment at Extreme Rules which covered up his injury.

Due to this injury, the Team Hell No reunion was cut short. The Miz also held a eulogy for Team Hell No on SmackDown Live this week which is a hint that Kane won’t be seen in the ring for a while.

According to PWInsider, Kane has suffered an Achilles tendon tear. The injury occurred when The Demon was preparing for his match against The Bludgeon Brothers at last week’s SmackDown.

The Devil’s Favorite Demon isn’t expected to return to the ring anytime soon. He also has to run a campaign for Mayor of Knox County, Tennessee on the other hand.

So it’s safe to say Kane’s current WWE run is over and if he’s elected as the Mayor of Knox County later this year, then his match at Extreme Rules 2018 would turn out to be the final match of his wrestling career.

Thank You Kane.

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