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Karl Anderson Hated 5 People In WWE, Says Kliq Members Hate Each Other

Karl Anderson


On this day in 1998, Ted Turner’s World Championship Wrestling aired another LIVE episode of their weekly TV show ‘WCW MONDAY NITRO’.

It was broadcasted from the Hartford Civic Center in Hartford, Connecticut and featured matches, interviews & storyline segments on the road to the ‘WCW Fall Brawl 1998’ PPV.

The card can be found here:

Steve McMichael vs. Sick Boy

Disco Inferno & Alex Wright vs. High Voltage

Raven & Perry Saturn vs. Kanyon & Horace Hogan

Scott Norton vs. Scott Putski

Curt Hennig vs. Dean Malenko

Chris Jericho vs. Chavo Guerrero Jr. vs. Stevie Ray

Bret Hart vs. Diamond Dallas Page

Goldberg vs. The Giant

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• Karl Anderson Hated 5 People In WWE, Says Kliq Members Hate Each Other

Former WWE wrestler Karl Anderson, who’s now signed to IMPACT Wrestling as part of The Good Brothers, is very disappointed about how WWE treated him and Luke Gallows.

Anderson recently retweeted a GIF of The Balór Club exchanging the Too Sweet gesture with The Kliq (the segment from RAW 25, where they beat down The Revival and then The Balór Club came out). He said that WWE missed an opportunity by not carrying that angle forward.

“One of the biggest missed opportunities in pro wrestling history ??
# F*ckIt”

AEW’s Dax Harwood (fka as Scott Dawson) took a shot at how WWE built the future talents by having retired guys beat them down.

“All the friends got to beat us up! Hit all the signature moves! Me and Cash left in gorilla while everyone else high fives! I punched a brick wall. Building to the future, babe!”

Anderson said that he hates 5 certain guys, who he’ll name soon.

“Killed you guys without even building us.

F*ck man, I have so much hatred for 5 certain people.

I’m gonna name them soon.

Hope ur well babe.”

Harwood replied:

“Miss ya, Machine Gun. Consummate pro wrestler.

I’m pretty sure we’re still 50/50 ?

That’s that smart booking!

Let’s get FTR & Good Brothers on Talkin’ Shop soon! Wine & wrasslin

Cheers ?”

Anderson then said that the Kliq members really hated each other, but they don’t express it in front of each other.

” “Friends”

If they all knew how much they all truly hated each other, I wonder how that would go……”

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