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Kevin Nash Apologized To The Rock For Being A D*ck To Him In 2002, Rock Responded

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• Kevin Nash Apologized To The Rock For Being A D*ck To Him In 2002, Rock Responded

WWF Legends The Rock and Kevin Nash had a great Twitter exchange in 2021, in which Nash first posted a photo of him wearing the new ‘Project Rock’ Under Armour shoes and thanked The Great One for them, by tweeting the following:

“Great day at Indiana Comic Con. Thanks NWO Nation for the strong showing. Fantastic hotel gym. Got arms and abs in. Thanks @TheRock for putting out these bad a$$ kicks. Looking forward to seeing everyone tomorrow I’ll hit my table at 10:30. Despite a nice wine list downstairs.”

The Rock reacted by praising Kevin Nash in a Tweet of his own:

“@RealKevinNash You’re an inspiration my brother

In tremendous shape!!! Holy sh*t. Way to raise the bar!”

This led to Kevin apologizing for how he treated The Rock in 2002, when he returned with the nWo, by tweeting:

“@TheRock Following your lead. Your work ethic is amazing. Your filming schedule would kill most mortals but the promotion for your films is the grind. You film and promote at the same time. Sorry I was such a d*ck to you when I came back in 2002. Just trying to keep my spot.”

The Rock then replied:

“Never a need for any apology big brother, but thank you very cool of you. You guys had to come back with some bite & venom. I was living in the house you helped build, so I was pumped you, Scott & Hulk were coming back cause #1) I was always a fan and #2) most importantly I wanted us all to link up and make a lot of money (for us and the whole roster).

WM18 was huge and a career highlight for me. As was our big Mania buildup when we had a chance to have fun and rumble. It was a great time in our business! Wish we could’ve worked more! NWO4L”

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• Old School WWF Legend Celebrates His Birthday

Old School WWF Legend “Polish Power” Ivan Putski (Real name: Józef Bednarski) celebrates his 82nd birthday today.

Putski wrestled for the World Wide Wrestling Federation / World Wrestling Federation from 1974 till 1987.

He was honored for his career by his son inducting him into the WWF Hall of Fame (now WWE Hall of Fame) in 1995.


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