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Kevin Nash Has A Pact With Steve Austin To Not Watch AEW

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• Kevin Nash Has A Pact With Steve Austin To Not Watch AEW

During a recent episode of his Kliq This podcast, 2-time WWE Hall Of Famer Kevin Nash revealed that he isn’t watching AEW programming these days, and Stone Cold Steve Austin isn’t either.

Below is what “Big Daddy Cool” Diesel said:

“I just want to go on record today, I have not watched AEW in months.

It goes back to Steve Austin and I got a pact that he’s not watching it therefore I’m not watching it and what I can tell by Twitter is Undertaker is now not watching it.

It’s nothing against any of the talent over there, anybody that does anything over there. It’s just something that we decided.

It’s like lent, you have to give things up so we did that. It doesn’t change the fact that Kenny Omega is my favorite wrestler. Doesn’t change that at all.”

Kevin Nash Stone Cold Steve Austin The Undertaker Don't Watch AEW

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