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Kevin Nash Teases A New Version Of The nWo In WWE

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On a recent episode of his weekly ‘Kliq This’ podcast, 2-time WWE Hall of Famer Kevin Nash said that he wouldn’t mind WWE bringing the legendary new World order (nWo) faction back to television in some capacity.

Nash ended up teasing that there might actually be a chance of an nWo return happening at some point, and forming a new version of the legendary stable with current WWE wrestlers.

Here’s what Big Daddy Cool had to say:

“We’ve had reunions, and we’ve come back and we’ve worn the logo. I’m telling you one thing, if they’re going to bring that Latino World Order back, there’s a couple malcontents that I see on that WWE roster, Mr. (Dolph) Ziggler, (Baron) Corbin you think he likes being over there in NXT? Maybe put on a black and white t-shirt and have some fun?

How about you there, Big Braun (Strowman)? I know you just got your neck fused, but you know, you want a home? I think you’d look nice, a big burly guy in an nWo t-shirt? I’ll put a black suit on and then quit after three weeks of fans going ‘WHAT?! WHAT?!’ F**k that, I ain’t got time for this sh*t.”

The final full-time nWo run in 2002 marked a memorable but short-lived chapter in wrestling history. Originally known for their dominance in WCW, Hollywood Hogan, Kevin Nash, and Scott Hall reunited in the WWF, creating buzz among fans. However, their run in the WWF/WWE was brief, as injuries and creative differences led to their departure.

Despite the short-lived comeback, the 2002 nWo run still remains a significant moment in wrestling nostalgia, representing a fusion of two wrestling worlds before fading into history.

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