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Kevin Nash Tried To Get The Undertaker To Join The nWo

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• Kevin Nash Tried To Get The Undertaker To Join The nWo

Kevin Nash & Scott Hall made history in 1996, when they left the World Wrestling Federation and invaded Ted Turner’s World Championship Wrestling in what seemed to be a WWF invasion.

The storyline led to THE single biggest heel turn in professional wrestling history, when ‘The Immortal’ Hulk Hogan joined the 2 Outsiders at the end of the Bash at the Beach 1996 PPV and formed the New World Order (nWo).

From 1996 till 1999, many more members joined the legendary faction, including several Superstars that jumped ship from the WWF, such as The 1-2-3 Kid (as Syxx), Crush (as Brian Adams), Virgil (as Vincent), Mr. Perfect (as Curt Hennig) … & more.

During an appearance on Eric Bischoff’s ’83 Weeks’ podcast, Nash revealed that at one point he even tried to convince WWF Legend The Undertaker to join WCW and become a member of the nWo.

Here’s what the former Diesel had to say:

“It was the fact that [Shawn Michaels] had gotten the top spot and he knew he’d be in the mix for that top spot. The Undertaker was the one that I was trying to get. That was the one and I’m not saying – I just told him ‘You gotta switch up your gimmick, man.’

I said, ‘You’ve got no bargaining power whatsoever as long as you stay in that Undertaker gimmick.’ I’m not saying that made him turn into the American Badass, I’m just saying that American Badass you can take pretty much wherever you wanna go. They had to pay those guys money, if they wanted to keep them they had to pay them.”

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• On This Day In Pro Wrestling History (August 8, 1966) – Old School Legend Passed Away

On this day in 1966, we lost Old School Wrestling Legend Ed “Strangler” Lewis (Real name: Robert Friedrich) at the age of 75.

Being considered one of the greatest Pure Wrestlers & Shooters of all time, Ed Lewis won the World Heavyweight Championship 4 times during his long illustrious career, a title that has its reigns recognized by the NWA under the NWA World Heavyweight Championship’s lineage.

In 2016, he was posthumously inducted into the Legacy Wing of the WWE Hall of Fame.


June 30, 1891 – August 8, 1966

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