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Kevin Owens Reacts To A Fan Calling Him A “Lazy, Fat Sack Of Sh*t”

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• Kevin Owens Reacts To A Fan Calling Him A “Lazy, Fat Sack Of Sh*t”

On last night’s episode of RAW, Kevin Owens was scheduled to face Ezekiel, but he attacked him before the bell rang.

Later in the night, Owens said RAW has a lot of eyes on it right now and that it is still The Kevin Owens Show.

This led to journalist Brad Shepard tweeting:

“What a disgrace it is to see lazy, fat sack of sh*t Kevin Owens being presented like he’s f**king Goldberg on RAW because he’s Paul’s boy.

He looks like a prize eater, not a prize fighter.”

A fan then replied:

“Way to body shame someone. You should say that directly to @FightOwensFight to his face and see what happens.”

Owens replied:

“He can’t.

I blocked that little b*tch a long time ago. He never got over it. That’s why he does this.

If he met me in person, he’d kiss my a$$ and call me ‘brother’ to try and feel like he’s one of the boys. There’s a hundred like him out there.”

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