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Kim Orton Tells A Funny Story Of Her Shaving Randy Orton’s Butt

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• Kim Orton Tells A Funny Story Of Her Shaving Randy Orton’s Butt

During an episode of The Wives of Wrestling podcast, Kim Orton told a funny story of her shaving her husband Randy Orton’s butt, and then telling about it to Randy’s father, WWE Hall Of Famer “Cowboy” Bob Orton.

Below is what she said:

“He was just telling the guys on Monday, he was telling me, he said it was him, Riddle, Chad (Gable), Otis, and one of the doctors. They were in the trainer’s room and talking about the pillow that props you up.

He was telling them how he lays on it, f**king spread out, and I’m in there just shaving. He goes, ‘You had to see Riddle’s face and he just walked out of the trainer’s room.’ I said, ‘They don’t understand the love that we have.’

He told his dad one time how we were in Bora Bora, and nobody can see you when you’re on the deck and your bedroom and sliding doors open. We open the doors, the breeze is flowing, it’s great light.

He’s on all fours with his smoker and I’m just like [shaving him], all up in his sh*t. Buzzing, taking the razor out, ‘I got you’ and I’m telling his father this and he turns around and is like, ‘She f**king nicked me,’ and his father goes, ‘I think I would have nicked you too.'”

Kim also revealed how Randy keeps his body shiny while he’s on WWE TV:

“Randy has a whole system for the oil. He puts it all on and then he takes a towel and just gently hits it on top. He’s oily and glistening, but not too shiny. Sometimes, the doc helps him put the oil on.

No, there are not oil girls in the back that are standing in bikinis going, ‘Okay, I’ll oil you down now, you sexy wrestlers.’ It’s the trainers putting gloves on and greasing him down if they can’t reach themselves.”

Giovanna Angle, wife of Kurt Angle, is also a part of this podcast and she revealed that she has never shaved Kurt’s butt.

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